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Ignorance is No Excuse

By April 27, 2014 No Comments

Speaker: Vince Klassen

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It’s easy to avoid someone who seems very different from us. Usually it’s because we’re scared of saying or doing the wrong thing, and either looking like an idiot – or hurting someone.

It’s this fear that makes us forget that some of our neighbours identify as transgender, meaning that they identify with a gender other then the one that they were assigned as birth. And that 50% of them will attempt suicide, because they don’t feel like they can be accepted for who they are.

Do you know how to help to those people in your life? Do you even know who they are? How different would our world look if we could eliminate fears and take water to the people in our lives who identify in a way that we perceive as different?

We are going to delve into the life and story of James Demers, a transgender man and the Executive Director of the Fairy Tales Film Society. James is one guy who has has a lifetime of experiences to share. And whose open and honest dialogue will help you love your neighbour like never before.

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