Speaker:   Jeff Jarvis

If truth be told, a review of most of our social media accounts would reveal a very carefully curated selection of photos and images of our lives. Images and stories that we’ve shared to craft very particular images of ourselves to the world.

It probably goes without saying that there are other parts of our lives that we don’t want seen.

Why? Likely because, at some level, we’ve become convinced that the truth of those parts, if known, would negatively impact other’s perceptions of our value. So we carefully craft a picture, a persona, that features only our best sides to the world.

Sadly, this image maintenance game that we can easily fall into has a very sinister side to it…with dire consequences.

This Sunday, I’m exploring the dark side of image management and why it’s been connected to the word “Sin”. Trust me, you’ll want to invite a friend and join us in person or online.

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