Speaker:  Jeff Jarvis

Why do we do things like get up early on a Sunday morning to go to the spiritual Gym?  Why do we chat with our friends about spirituality when we get together?  Why is it that  the world we are a part can often feel like it’s missing something?  Is there something More out there?

I believe that underneath most people’s efforts to engage in spirituality, lies at least one moment where we experienced  “More”.  It might have been the “God moment” a person said he had at the very bottom of his addiction, or the “something unexplainable” a women felt when she helped a family in need, even the dramatic spiritual shift a guy says he had in the middle of a therapy session.  I don’t know about you, but my “More” moments, have been worth their weight in gold.  They’re messy and hard to understand or wrap our brains around, but they have changed my life, time and time again, and i think they can change yours.  This Sunday we are diving deep into the core of our spirituality to find that “Something More” that feels like its missing.

See you at the gym!

~ Jeff


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