January 30 2012: Monday night

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Today was our first day actually in the community of Rio Azul. On our team we have 5 returning members and 4 new members experiencing Guatemala for the first time. It rained all day yesterday when we traveled, so were expecting it to rain today. But our prayers of sunny skies were answered (and burnt half of our team — be careful what you wish for!!)

We were greeted in Rio Azul with the children and town leaders who presented us with a welcome ceremony. This included traditional dress, national anthem, speakers from the educators and town leaders and gives presented to our team from the children.

After the presentation the team split into two groups. One group had the opportunity to visit one of the many children that the community of Friend’s Church sponsors. The other half of the team started working on the replacement of the school roof. We assisted in tearing down the roof and preparing and painting the corrugated metal roofing. This was an important project because it helps to ensure a safe learning environment for the future generations of children in Rio Azul.

We also assisted teaching the younger children about health and hygiene. Then we made sure we got our exercise in humility by “getting schooled” by a group of 6 year old soccer players.

We ended the day with a traditional Guatemala meal, great conversation and devotion by Carmen. After a physical and emotional exhausting day most of the team checked out early (at 8:00 p.m.) except for us dedicated bloggers!!

Water: anything that God uses in and through us to make the world better. How are you bringing water to your world today?


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