January 31, 2012: The Importance of Education

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Today was an exciting and educating experience as the team met with the towns leadership and sanitation council. We had an opportunity to go to see the location where the two treatment plants will be built. We watched as a group of people showed unity around the steps their community needs to take to move them closer to being healthy. It was amazing to see current leaders, past leaders, pastors from 6 different denominations working together to make a better future for their children and community.

We worked along side people from the community to finish painting the roofing sheets so they they could be put up to ensure a dry, safe learning environment for the kids.

The team embraced the kids in different activities, playing soccer, a sport that the kids can’t seem to get enough of. We practices english colours and numbers while playing with a parachute.

4 members of our team got to visit one of the children Friends Church sponsors. One of the highlights was the gratitude that the mom of the girls expressed because it is so important for her to see her kids get an education. As single mom this is something she would struggle to provide without our assistance.

The team had a conversation about the dramatic shift in thinking this community has made in regards to education and the importance of it for their kids. They not only recognize it but are putting time and resources toward ensuring their children get that education. How cool is that?

We are going to bed with the anticipation of what tomorrow will hold.

Water: anything that God uses in and through us to make the world better. How are you bringing water to your world today?


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