Speaker: Vince Klassen

I heard of a couple who have been married for over 20 years now, and haven’t had sex in many, many years. They love each other dearly, but no sex.

I’ve talked to people who are dating and they tell me they are never sure when they should have sex. If I wait too long, they might think I’m a prude, but if I have sex too early, it doesn’t feel right. What do I do?

I’ve heard stories of kids learning about pleasure and sex through porn – not realizing that the way the actors are in porn is an act. It’s not real. So they are trying to live up to some unreal sexual standard and feeling horrible about themselves while they do it.

I’ve talked to people who have faked their pleasure to finish something that isn’t working.

I’ve talked to people who have struggled to find their healthy sexuality in spite of sickness, and exhaustion, and fear, and on and on……

Sex is a big part of our lives. If we are having it. If we want it. If we are avoiding it. If we are curious about it. It’s a big part of our lives.

For something so big, how much time have you spent learning about your own sexuality? Or the sexuality of any partner you are with?

Do you know more about the latest specs on your favorite car than how your sexual arousal works?

Do you know more about the anthropological progression throughout the last 10 000 years than what gets your partner aroused?

For something so pervasive; For something that occupies so much of our mental and emotional space, shouldn’t we be more aware of how this all works?

So I want to invite you to this last week in our Know Thyself series where we will dig deep into understanding our sexuality. Because wouldn’t it be great to be able to navigate our seuxality in a healthy holistic way?

Join us this week. Be brave, invite a friend. I guarantee you will learn something about yourself, and the people you might sleep with.

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