Speakers: Jeff Jarvis, Adam, Alessandra

A few months ago, I interviewed Adam, a member of our Friends Church community who identifies as an Atheist. The interview stirred up a lot of conversation, sparking requests for a follow-up interview in our current Revisited series. His story isn’t uncommon though. Stats tell us that the fastest growing religious group in the North America is the category of people who say they have no religious affiliation. 23% of young adults are leaving the church due to significant intellectual doubts about their faith. What’s happening? Why are so many of us struggling with doubt and skepticism. Is this a sign of spiritual decay? Despite what some may think this actually may be an encouraging sign?

This Sunday, I’m going to bring Adam back along with Alessandra who is also a member of our community and has gone through her own struggles with belief, to talk specifically about what is known as Stage 3 (the skeptic stage) of the spiritual journey. We’re going to further explore their learning and experiences and offer some guidance for those who are in similar circumstances. If you or someone you know is wrestling with or deconstructing their beliefs, make sure to join us Sunday.


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