Speaker: Vince Klassen & Sylvia Haynes

Sometimes it feels like life deals us a tough hand: Illness, loss of work, end of relationships, the list could go on and on.  It just seems like if we had been dealt a better hand, things would be so much easier for us.

We could live our healthiest, best life

But the reality is, sometimes, the hand we are dealt is a tough hand. Sometimes it even feels unfair. So we have to ask ourselves:

What do we do when life deals us a tough hand?

Do we curl up in the corner and hope it all goes away?  Do we rage at the unfairness of it all?  Do we pull out the victim card and start complaining?

If you’ve ever felt like you have had a tough hand to play, if you are in one right now, this Sunday is for you.  We are going to hear a story of someone in our community, Sylvia, who was dealt a tough hand right from the very beginning. Like many of us, she was born with the regular experiences of life but her story is complicated by physical issues. Serious physical issues. And yet she has been able to live a full and love filled life. Her story is an inspiration.

If you are in town, join us this week and invite someone in our life that needs a little encouragement with the hand they have been dealt.  See you at the Spiritual Gym.

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