Speaker: Jeff Jarvis

Just over a year ago I shared one of the first messages on money that I had given at Friends Church in a LONG time. I had been avoiding the topic because I believed it was sensitive and dangerous. Kind of like many of us have felt talking to our kids or parents about sex;) However, the response of our community to that message was completely different than I had expected. I realized that many of my perceptions and fears were unfounded. Not only did that message spark a healthy response to our organizational needs at Friends Church, it stirred up SO MANY conversations about generosity. Not just about its rewards but about its complexities as well.

Since that time, I have been writing down my observations from those conversations as well as from things I’ve personally witnessed and experienced with regard to philanthropy and “giving back”. There seems to be a common growth or maturity pattern when it comes to giving. A continuum that I think you might find yourself on in your own life. This Sunday I want to share these observations and the continuum with you and hopefully get you thinking about your relationship with generosity and perhaps even about your next growth step. Hope you’ll join us.

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