Speaker: Vince Klassen

At the core of our spiritual tradition is Love your Neighbour. Easier said than done – how do you love someone you don’t know, or done understand?

For years we have introduced you to people you may not have known in order to help you love them better: a person addicted to porn, a Syrian person, a person with a disability, a Buddhist person, and the list goes on and on. You name it, we have met them on the Friends Church stage. And learned to love them better.

Today we are going to take that same approach and apply it to half of our population: Women. And we are doing this because our research has suggested that half of our population doesn’t understand the other half – most men do not understand woman. And many women are embarrassed or ashamed of traits that are distinctly female – making it hard to love themselves.

What an opportunity for men to learn to love women, and for woman to learn to love themselves.

Join us for this eye-opening discussion that will try to help us all understand what it means to be woman, and how we all can love her. See you at the Spiritual Gym.

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