Speaker: Jeff Jarvis

This Sunday… Haven’t we all witnessed a committed relationship that grew cold?
Two lovers who once couldn’t keep their hands off each other, now living almost like roommates? Perhaps they faced a crisis or a prolonged season of stress. Maybe work schedules got crazy or a new baby arrived. or one of them found him/herself travelling a lot.

Regardless, you watched their public displays of affection dry up, their tones of conversation turn business-like, and any sign of sexual interest or activity seem almost nonexistent. Maybe it was your parents or a couple in your extended family. Maybe it was close friends. This might have even happened to you… Many relationship and sex experts warn that prolonged seasons with an absence or suppression of sexual desire and passion can leave us exposed to all kinds of trouble – both inside and outside of a relationship we may be in.

This Sunday we begin a new series focusing on what have been called the 7 Deadly Sins and I’m going to talk about lust. Is lust really a deadly sin? Or can it actually play a necessary and healthy role in our lives? Invite a friend and join us for an interesting and thought-provoking morning at the gym. Artwork by @hattiousmay

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