Speaker: Trevor Dreher

We all have things we want to change: our weight, careers, employment, schooling, relationships. And there are so many other things that could go onto this list.

But once we realize we want to change something, the question then becomes, HOW do we change it? Or maybe, how have we tried to do it?

There seems to be two very different approaches to making these changes:

One works and the other doesn’t.

One gets us where we want to go, the other has us spinning our wheels, never seeing the change we desire. If you’ve been there and you know the frustration of spinning your wheels, this Sunday is for you.

Our spiritual ancestors spent time exploring how to get what we want. And this week we are going to take a fun look at the 2 paths we can take to get us there.

Join us this week and invite someone you know who has struggled with this.

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