Speaker: Vince Klassen

There is this ancient system of women with multiple children helping women going through giving birth the first time – we call them midwives. They have been helping new moms for as long as we have written records.

There is something profound about being able to learn from someone who knows what you are going through!

Right now, the world seems pretty chaotic. Most of us have never had to deal with a pandemic before, physical distancing, not being able to leave our homes, restrictions that we’ve never dealt with before. It’s all new. In a sense, it’s Chaos.

So wouldn’t it be nice to have a midwife for Chaos?

Someone who knows what we are going through. Someone who has wrestled through what we are dealing with right now. Someone who knows how to work through the chaos we are trying to understand.

That’s what this series is about, learning from those who have been through chaos before us – and survived. This week I’m calling one of them the Midwife for Chaos. Someone who can walk us through, who can hold our hands, who can tell us that what we are feeling is normal.

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