Speaker: Jeff Jarvis

I was out moving some building materials for a deck project a while back and one of my neighbors came out and offered to help me. Without even giving it a thought I said, “Thanks so much but I think I should be fine”.  It was really strange because I actually needed the help but I was reluctant to accept it. I don’t think I’m the only one who does this.

I observe people projecting self-reliance and having everything under control all the time – only to find out that inwardly, it’s a different story. Facebook pages scream “Look how well I’m doing”, when in actuality, things below the surface aren’t that great.  Some, in fact, are lost, others are afraid and some are barely holding things together but you would never know by how they portray themselves. Why do we do this?

I’m learning a lot about my tendencies to do this and how they can have far-reaching and dangerous implications – both on myself and the world around me.  I’m excited to talk about it on Sunday because I think it could help others.

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