Speaker: Jeff Jarvis

So one day, Jesus describes his followers as the “Salt of the Earth” and the “Light of the World”. What a beautiful description of the effect someone’s life could have on their world! Can you imagine…someone describing you as a “Salt of the Earth” kind of person? Just think for a second what kind of lifestyle and behaviors would lead to having that kind of effect on someone?

Over the next two Sundays, the last two of this “Transcendence” series, I want to move from a high level discussion around the spiritual journey and “Transcendence”, to getting really practical about two primary priorities of the spiritual journey. Focuses that we believe lead to this kind of outcome.

If you signed up for the spiritual journey because you truly want to live an uncommon, “salt of the earth/light of the world” kind of existence, show up at the gym on Sunday — either in person or online. We’re going to talk about what’s involved.

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