Speaker: Vince Klassen

Looking back after some of the more brutal times in my life, I feel like I can see “Red Flags”, moments that were warning me of the disaster ahead.

  • Like a pain in one’s chest we ignore before the heart attack
  • The need to constantly numb with drugs or alcohol because we can’t seem to cope
  • Someone we love saying there is something wrong, and we just brush it off.
  • Or our over-the-top response to small moments in our lives.

Red Flags seem to pop up all over the place indicating that danger is ahead, if we are willing to see them..

So the question we are wanting to explore this week is, “When do we need to pay attention to those Red Flags and get help?”

  • How do we know the difference between a reaction to spicy pizza and a heart attack?
  • How do we know a fight with someone we love is just a fight and not a step towards ending the connection?
  • How do we know when to pay attention to the Red Flags?

This week I’m joined on stage by Vince Fowler who brings his unique sense of humour, and his own powerful journey about listening to the Red Flags in his life.

This message is for everyone who has missed, or is currently missing, those Red Flags that could be warning us away from disaster.

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