Speaker: Jeff Jarvis

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles is one of my favorite holiday movies. About a high strung marketing executive (Steve Martin) who’s desperately trying to get home to be with his family for Thanksgiving after a long business trip. But after his flights get canceled, every alternative strategy he turns to, to get home goes South. His misery becomes so palpable it’s comical.

I’ve wondered why I love this movie so much. Perhaps it’s because I’ve felt that misery when something out of my control forced change on me; when life as I thought it should be, got derailed. I bet you have too. Change is hard at the best of times.

There are some though, who have learned to defy the emotional impact of disruption; who embody calm and look for opportunity in the midst of forced change.

This Sunday, in the final chapter of our Apocalypse series, we’re going to talk about a mindset that will prove incredibly valuable as you prepare to face your new normal beyond COVID-19. Hope you’ll join us.

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