I don’t know about you but our world feel pretty divided these days. Social issues causing people to take sides - us against them. And the unity we might want, the unity that might make our society run more smoothly feels out of reach.

The reality is, we think this is not a fault of our society, its a feature. Its something we have captured in our value that we say We Honor Each Person’s Unique Spiritual Journey. But this is a feature only if we know how to navigate it. Only if we can Disagree Beautifully.

So we are going to step into some big social issues. Not to try to change minds - though any open mind can be changed. We are trying to show ways to connect with those we disagree with. To love those who don’t think like us (and even in the Us of Friends Church there are many different beliefs and ideas). This isn’t a political conversation like many try to make it. Its a spiritual conversation because we are going to explore what it looks like to be loving to someone who is completely different from us. To be kind to those who want something different than we do. And to be open to new ideas not because we must agree with them, but because we want to see the people behind the ideas - the real people. Not the caricatures we often ascribe to those who we disagree with.

This is motivated by Jesus’ famous line,
“Anyone can love your neighbor,

Loving your enemy is the hard part.”

That’s where we are going. To come with an open heart to learn and to love.

Series ran October - November 2023

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