Kids@Friends creates monthly series learning through inward, outward and upward goals.

INWARD:  The children learn to become self-aware, beginning to ask themselves who am I? Every Sunday there is planned programming with mindfulness activities, emotional regulation, self-love and positive strengths. Children develop self-awareness of their body, thoughts, emotions, and actions. 

OUTWARD: The kids begin to understand the impact of community and relationships. Learning we are all connected, how to navigate various relationships, such as friends, family, and their community. How to serve others in simple ways and in profound big ways. 

UPWARD: Focuses on the universe around us. The unlimited capabilities we can produce and the understanding their is something beyond ourselves. Children will have opened up to divine love in all living things, positivity energy and our limitless connectedness. 

Spirituality is not a singular event or level.  Kids@Friends navigates through these areas by creating fun, exciting games and activities that encompass' all three throughout.

The objective is not for the children to grasp these concepts at one time.

By beginning this journey at a young age, the possibilities are endless for their developing future. It takes one small seed to nurture and flourish an idea or thought within their fertile minds which produces a solid, balanced, mature tree.

Our priority is creating self-love 

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