Kids@Friends is a program designed specifically for Kids aged 3-11.

We believe Kids have developing spiritual journeys that need age specific encouragements - This is for Them!

PRIOR TO YOUR FIRST VISIT - Complete the Kids@Friends Initial Setup Form. This will allow us to Check-In your child without delay upon your arrival.

Upon arrival Guardians Check-In their children into our secure classrooms and may be contacted via text if we require anything from them during the Service.

Kids@Friends Pastor - Ashley Young

Hello My name is Ashley Young,

I grew up in Ontario and moved to Calgary in 2015, prior to moving out to Alberta, I had found Friends Church online and had been attending ever since.

My background is within child and youth counselling, I continued my studies within Western University, Mount Royal University and University of Calgary.

My passion was to create hope within children and their families, I realized we all have a part planting the seeds for all our connections we encompass. My newfound goal is to help children create self-love and sharing it as well the idea there is something more beyond themselves.

My two sons would depict me differently from their personalities, my oldest describes myself as a saintly mother, while my youngest son has told me in the past, “I am not the boss of him.”

“No two Children are alike.” This statement guides me with each and every small or large interaction with the kiddos that come to experience Friends Church. A spiritual gym for children to be exactly who they are.

Interested in Volunteering?

Connect with Ashley to discuss the various rolls that may be available.

Learning Spirituality through 

Inward, Outward & Upward Goals

Inward Goals

The children learn to become self-aware, beginning to ask themselves who am I? Every Sunday there is planned programming with mindfulness activities, emotional regulation, self-love and positive strengths. Children develop self-awareness of their body, thoughts, emotions, and actions. 

Outward Goals

The kids begin to understand the impact of community and relationships. Learning we are all connected, how to navigate various relationships, such as friends, family, and their community. How to serve others in simple ways and in profound big ways. 

Upward Goals

Focuses on the Divine around us. The unlimited capabilities we can produce and the idea that there might be something More. Children will have opened up to divine love in all living things, positivity energy and our limitless connectedness. 


Spirituality is not a singular event or level.  Kids@Friends navigates through these areas by creating fun, exciting games and activities that encompass' all three throughout.

The objective is not for the children to grasp these concepts at one time.

By beginning this journey at a young age, the possibilities are endless for their developing future. We want to create a spiritual foundation that won't need to be deconstructed when they are adults.  It takes one small seed to nurture and flourish an idea or thought within their fertile minds which produces a solid, balanced, mature tree.

Kids@Friends Time

Every Sunday

10:30am - 11:30am


900 - 47th Ave SW,

Calgary, AB, T2S 3C8

Lower Ground Level

Email Address

[email protected]

Phone Number

(403) 771 8208

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