A Taking Water “Bootcamp”


Every year, we take a group of volunteers down to Mexico to build houses for families. In the community where we build, people live in hastily made shelters, with walls made of scraps, no locking doors, and roofs that are far from waterproof, nothing to keep the dangers of the world outside.  So every year we travel down there to build modest houses that allow these people to do things we take for granted, like locking their door and feeling safe from the elements.

This is the experience of Taking Water globally, but something happens after we come back, we find that our Taking Water jumps to the next level.  We feel empowered to help as we have never felt before.

Friends Church wants to invite you to be a part of this project and experience Taking Water globally.

The 2019 trip dates are March 23 – 31st. It is never to early to start planning for next year. (This is spring break for both Public and Catholic schools)

Take advantage of our early bird pricing by registering and making your trip deposit prior to Dec 9th. Trip cost after Dec 9th will increase by $300.00

If you would like to get the most up to date information about Mexico, please check out the FAQ post below. Please don’t hesitate to contact Carmen Kokot with any additional questions you might have at carmen@friendschurch.ca

Invite a friend to join you and make 2019 your year

Click the registration link below to register for the Project Mexico 2019 trip. (Deadline Jan 16)

Detailed Trip Info Page

Registration Link

Trip Deposit Link


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April 4, 2018

Thank you

It always takes me a couple of days after getting home from this trip to process the entire experience. That being said the one thing that I feel immediately is…
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April 2, 2018

Touch Down in YYC

Yesterday we flew back to our reality. We flew home to loved ones waiting with open arms, hugs, and ears ready to hear about our life-changing adventures —— we are…
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March 31, 2018

Final Touches

Two days ago  we did our final coat of stucco on the families houses In all the years I’ve been able to be a part of this amazing process, this…
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March 30, 2018

A home is completed – but wait there is more!

Team Project Mexico 2018 is a wrap .... as far as building the homes go. We made it safely back to the states with a small stop at the border…
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March 28, 2018

Day 3 of the build – What a day 🙂

This post is brought to you by one of our amazing Team members view .... enjoy 💕 Day three on the worksite was filled with Kindness (word of the day)…
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March 27, 2018

Building day 2 – Framing

Monday Miracles 💕 Some moments along this journey are better left to be felt rather than described but I’ll do my best to share my heart 💕 Today, heavy walls were…
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March 26, 2018

Day 2 – Cement Day

Day two was filled with Cement, Grateful families, Children, Chihuahuas & Kittens 💕 So many of us come down here to build families a safe secure home .... meeting the…
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March 25, 2018

Project Mexico 2018 – It is go time

Well, we have been anxiously awaiting this day and it is finally here. This morning a team of 27 flew from Calgary to LA where we met up with 2…
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February 6, 2018

The Team is Built- Now what?

The 2018 Project Mexico team is assembled and getting geared up. We have a team of 29 who have committed their time and resources to impact the life of someone…
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