"I’m caught in a maze and can’t find my way out, blinded by tears of pain and frustration."    ~  David.                                                                                
Psalms 88:8 (The Bible)  

Why is it that many of us have an almost allergic reaction to certain emotional expressions?  For some it's emotions like sadness or despair, for others it's anger.  Some even react negatively to excessive happiness. 
Have you ever avoided someone whose emotional expression made you feel uncomfortable?  It's quite natural to conclude there's something wrong with people like that.  It's much more difficult to ask why it is that we're uncomfortable with the emotion they're feeling.  Why do we tend to avoid feeling certain things?

The growing science around emotion is fascinating.  More and more experts are telling us that leaning into our feelings and the emotions of others can be healthy - very healthy.  And conversely, when we refuse to acknowledge them or when we run from or block certain emotions it actually weakens us and our relationships in different ways.

What if we could learn to be more comfortable...to react differently to those problematic feelings within us and others?  Our hunch is that it could lead to healthier lives and a better world.

For 4 weeks, beginning April 11th, we're going to explore the spirituality of emotion - both from our spiritual ancestor's perspectives and from that of modern science.  Our goal is to get more comfortable with all of it.  

We hope you'll invite a friend and join us.

Series ran April - May 2021

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