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Day 2

Day two finished up with some chicken wire and tar. The team worked extra hard today cutting, nailing, paneling, wrapping, shingling, and wiring the house. We’ve got our structure set and ready to be stuccoed tomorrow.

Nellie helped us hammer in a few nails, and her husband Antonio showed us he’s a wizard with the hammer tacker. We shared lots of laughs, even through the language barrier.

Our roof team got nice and messy up there making sure we have a tight sealed – leakproof roof for our family through all the weather.

Partially through the day, Nelly and two of her boys prepared a snack for the team. Hot chips topped with hot sauce! We got to see the sweet and loving relationship the boys have with their nieces and Nelly shared with us her gratitude for this project. She told us that if she were to share one piece of wisdom with our people back home it would be that: “Even if you have little, never let that stop you. Always keep going. Materialistic things don’t matter when you have the love of family!”

Our hearts were once again filled with joy from this beautiful day. Time to head back to camp to buy some fresh churros and eat some hot tamales for dinner!

Day 3

Today the Team Ambassadors got some amazing footage of Nelly sharing some of her story (stay tuned for this video).  While they were documenting the rest of the team started the arduous process of siving the gravel mixture for the stucco.  The team was so efficient that we were done the first coat of stucco and all the windows and doors were hung by 1:30 pm so Marlon (our translator) took us to his favorite taco stand in Tecate for lunch.  After lunch, we went to Walmart to purchase the necessary household goods to give to the family during the key ceremony.  We also had the pleasure of meeting Marlon’s amazing family, who joined us at the camp for games and dinner after our shopping.

It was an amazing day and our hearts are full to the brim.


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