Every year, we take a group of volunteers down to Mexico to build houses for families.  Typically the people of this community live in hastily made shelters with no secure walls.  Nothing to keep the dangers of the world outside.  The houses we build are simple and modest, but to the families, they are so much more than a concrete pad, four walls and a roof.  We are building a family’s future, a future filled with hope and a sense of security.

We take a flight from Calgary to Los Angeles, CA where we rent vans and then drive to the Amor Ministries base camp in Tijuana, Mexico.  The 6 days spent in Mexico are filled with hard work, tons of laughter, authentic Mexican food and lots of opportunities to interact with the local community.  Evenings are spent telling stories around the campfire and taking the opportunity to get to know each other better.

The tailend of the trip is spent back in Los Angeles where we debrief as a team as well as dedicate some time to Reaching Our World through a random acts of kindness challenge.  Project Mexico is about creating a group of people who feel equipped and confident to make a difference every day of their life, not just for one week a year in Mexico.

Take a look at this year’s trip highlights:


Upcoming Project:

Dates:  March 24 – April 1, 2018

Cost:  $2400/person (Early bird pricing $2100 if deposit is in before Dec 11, 2017).  Individual fundraising support as well as group fundraising opportunities are available.

Team size:  There will be about 30-40 people on this trip.

Who is this trip designed for:  Anybody Grade 9 and older.  No house building experience is required but must be willing to sleep in a tent for a week!

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