Speaker:   Vince Klassen

Ah emotions. Sometimes transcendent but when someone we love is feeling an emotion that isn’t our favorite, they can be brutal (think parent with a kid in the supermarket when the kid is furious that they didn’t get the candy they wanted).
But it can be more than that. Research tells us that when we don’t match the emotions of the people around us, we actually become a threat to them: to our family members, to our friends, even to our partners.
So what do we do? We start to learn to feel the emotions of the people around us. That’s why we called this the Spirituality of Emotion because it’s only an act of love that has the power to get us to feel the emotions we don’t want.
Last week it was anger. This week, we are going to explore the question, what do we do with the people in our lives who express their spirituality in ways that don’t fit us.  In way’s like:

  • praise the lord
  • God healed me
  • God is protecting me from COVID, I don’t need to do anything else
  • I was healed

What do we do when someone in our life comes to us with those lines? What’s the loving way to react? This one has been rattling my cage the last few weeks.
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