Speaker: Jeff Jarvis

How many moments do you get in a day or a week or perhaps for some, even a month, when you feel light, peaceful, and stress-free? When you aren’t bothered by something or someone or fixating on the next thing needing to be done? Just still, quiet moments of contentment?  Sadly, for many, there aren’t many of those moments.

We can easily find ourselves fully absorbed by our thoughts from the time we wake up until we go to sleep, and even then, it can continue subconsciously into the night – depriving many of quality sleep. In fact, some have to go to great lengths just to get their minds to turn off…heavy exercise, alcohol, weed, pharmaceuticals, you name it.

Many don’t realize that relief is possible from the incessant thinking, fears and irritations of their minds without medicating. This Sunday I’m going to talk about the beauty of a quiet mind and ways to prevent over-thinking.

Join us this week for an inspiring vision to take us into the summer season. Please join us either in person or online.

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