Speaker:  Jeff Jarvis

The Social Reset. The challenges within each of our own unique social worlds is often misunderstood. Though some will say they are just looking for community or connection with others, often it’s much more specific than that. Some are struggling to find the right kinds of people or tribe to belong to, while others are searching for just a couple close friends. Some are experiencing feelings of disappointment with people they thought were their “real” friends, while others are overwhelmed by the expectations of too many people in their life.

Have you ever assessed the health of your social world? Have you ever thought about what kinds of people might be missing or even might need to be minimized in your life?
This Sunday we’re exploring four levels of relationships that we’ll all likely experience or at least desire in our lifetime. I’d like to help you honestly assess where gaps or excess may exist and what a “social reset” might look like.

Don’t miss this opportunity to invite some friends out. Not only will the topic stir up some amazing discussions, it could be what you need to give your social world a badly needed renovation.

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