Speaker: Jeff Jarvis

There’s a woman I know who, in her early 20’s, had fallen madly in love with a guy. They dated for a couple years and then her boyfriend broke her heart. The break-up affected her deeply.  Damaging her self-esteem, heightening her insecurities, and making her very cynical toward men. Decades later, she’s still alone. It’s like, relationally, she never recovered from that event.

Over the past 3 weeks we’ve focused on some measures we can take to keep both present and future chaos from negatively impacting our lives.  However, for many of us, chaos has already come and gone, leaving all kinds of damage in its wake. Mental, emotional, even physical damage that has changed our outlook, our attitudes, our behavior and stunted our growth.

There’s a cautionary tale that our ancestor’s passed on about a group of people, who were so negatively affected by chaos in their past, that it eventually stole their twilight years.  Though it’s a sad tale, there is some deep wisdom to be found and a stiff challenge for those of us who have already experienced some stormy, chaotic chapters.

Do you have a past chapter that you’re still trying to put behind you?  Don’t miss this Sunday.

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