Sabotage: Anchors

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Speaker: Vince Klassen

Do you really want great relationships in your life? Not just with your friends and your colleagues, but with the people closest to you: parents, siblings, children, partners? I’m guessing that you do.

But why, while you want great relationships, do you struggle with them? Why are some of your closest relationships strained? Why can’t you make them better? You want to…but it just seems like they are almost doomed to fail.

Join us this Sunday as explore ground-breaking research that will help you love the neighbors that are the hardest to love: the people you are closest to. And to build relationships that you aspire to.

Handout from today’s message:


Your Brain on Love – Stan Tatkin

Getting the Love you Want – Harville Hendricks

Love Sense – Sue Johnson

Love and War in Intimate Relationships – Marion Solomon and Stan Tatkin

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