Sabotage: Islands

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Speaker: Vince Klassen

Do you like your alone time?

Maybe doing a hobby. Watching TV. Exercising? Alone.

If you live with a partner or spouse, are you happy when they are in the house, but rather they were not really in the same room with you? Unless you invite them?

Do you find relationships with primary people in your life a little stressful? Like maybe they don’t get you, or understand you?

Does it bug you to need something from someone else? Or owing someone for something?

What about when when someone in your life is needy? They constantly need something from you? Does this drive you crazy?

Did you say “yes” to any of these? Or maybe you are in relationship with someone who would say “yes.” If so, you need to come this week to see how these things might be sabotaging the very things you are looking for in your relationships.

Join us this Sunday as we talk about “Island” people.


Your Brain on Love – Stan Tatkin

Getting the Love you Want – Harville Hendricks

Love Sense – Sue Johnson

Love and War in INtimate Relationships – Marion Solomon and Stan Tatkin

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