Speaker:  Jeff Jarvis

What does Christmas even mean to you anymore? About 9 or 10 years ago, this season began losing it’s meaning for me personally. The carols, the pageantry, the common interpretations that were applied in my tradition toward the original Christmas story – they were all falling flat and becoming more and more arduous. I found myself looking ahead to the season after Christmas with such a sense of anticipation and relief.

Since that time, though, deeper meaning and relevance of the Christmas story has emerged for me. Surprisingly, Christmas has ignited new imagination and passion for my spiritual journey, even reinforcing the significance of the mission of Friends Church.

If you have ever felt like an outsider or misfit when it comes to religion, you really need to hear this take. This Sunday I’m going to tell the story and remind our community why the original message of Christmas matters now more than ever for those imperfect humans in search of more. Hope you can be there!

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