Speaker: Vince Klassen

I came home the other day a little pissy. That’s the right word, pissy. Everything was getting on my nerves. Little things were driving me nuts! Petty things. And I could just feel the dark cloud that was hovering over me start to spread into our house like a virus (couldn’t resist the image:)

Anyone else had that experience? Where our bad moods spread to the people around us, bringing them all down to our level? I don’t know if we have just hit a critical amount of time in isolation, or what it is, but where are we feeling the weight of everything we have been going through? Where is it starting to wear us down?

And so the question we have been asking throughout this series is, what skills do we need to learn in order to navigate this season well, with the least amount of carnage?

So this week, we are going to explore two core skills of dealing with a crisis. One skill is easy and can be applied immediately and one goes a little deeper and asks a little more of you. But both are proven ways of dealing with a crisis and coming out the other end healthy and happy(ish?:)

Join us this week online Sunday at 10:30am for another workout at the Spiritual Gym

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