Speaker: Jeff Jarvis

Do you remember a moment in your life when something happened that shook or shattered a belief you held in something or someone? Maybe someone got away with breaking a rule you believed should never be broken or proved something you were taught to be wrong. Perhaps someone or something wasn’t who/what you thought they were. These are common experiences that can leave anyone feeling confused, angry, and especially disillusioned. They also often mark the beginning of one’s journey into the Skeptical Stage 3 –  the land beyond the supposedly trustworthy rules and beliefs (guardrails) of Stage 2.

Just like the stages before it, stage 3 can play a very important role in shaping and renovating our spiritual beliefs. But it is also not without it’s ditches. Invite some friends and join us virtually in the gym on Sunday for the 2nd part of our Adulting (Spiritually) series.

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