Speaker: Jeff Jarvis


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  • Dan F. says:

    This was such a powerful message by Jeff on Sunday Aug 14. His words really resonated with me and my family. The storms have come into my life with great frequency lately and it’s so challenging at times to know how or why the Lord has put these challenges or trials in my life. Hearing Jeff’s words and the words of the Bible were so comforting and helped me to realize the steps I’m taking are the right one. They will be tough but they are moving me forward.

  • ym says:

    Thanks for the message about storms in our lives. I’m in a stormy time, myself. I agree there is a strong desire to be seen as successful and acceptable. I have goals to achieve really good things, but it is not turning out according to my plan – not feeling very successful and feeling some crushing disappointment at the moment. I see the truth in your words, this is showing me where I can grow in my walk with the living Jesus, growing past the self focus and into a richer more powerful and solid life in God, being my true self. I want to claim some benefits from this difficult experience, and not be held back by the hurt. Greater empathy to help others is valuable. Learning to get through is valuable. Learning to live despite the storm is powerful. Working it through with the spirit of grace and truth is worth it. Good must be allowed to work out of all things, as the scriptures promise. Thank you for the reminder. Your reference to Jesus teaching about greatness and washing the disciples’ feet (John 13 and Luke 22) is important. In addition to your understanding, I might add that I see Jesus offering his disciples and each of us a profound gift that we must accept and receive before we can ever begin to live the life he offers and models for us. He first loved us (I John 4) and we can live that life when we allow Jesus to hold our feet, covered in the dirt and garbage, and allow him to gently, humbly and lovingly cleanse our feet – regardless of how they got dirty. We move through life and, as you say, we get mucky by our own cause, from the dirt kicked up by others or just life brings it our way. When we receive Jesus’ loving gift, we join with his life, his spirit, his way. We’re not acting like Jesus or imitating Jesus, we’re not trying to be different in our own strength. Instead, his gift is living out through us, transforming us and our world as we allow. I see this in the short explanation given by Jesus to the resistant Peter. Neither must we resist the humble, precious gift. Let Jesus wash the dirt away from yesterday and today. We can allow him to do it all over again tomorrow when we step in it again tomorrow. It is needed and it is real and it is freeing. Jesus, I want to know you, the real you, and become the real me.

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