Speaker: Jeff Jarvis

I’ve always been somewhat entertained if not, intrigued by famous mind-readers. People who seem to have this uncanny ability to tell us what people are thinking. I know, obviously, that it’s mostly smoke and mirrors. Yet, for some reason, I can act sometimes as if I have some of these abilities.  Perhaps you’ve done this too.

With only a few verbal and especially nonverbal cues, I can look at someone around me and form a very definitive conclusion in my mind about what that person is thinking or feeling or why they did what they did.  I will do this to people I know, even people I don’t know. You too?

The truth is, we all tend to do this without even realizing we’re doing it.  It’s how we are wired. The question is: how accurate are we?   Can you become an expert at reading people?  Malcolm Gladwell shed some light on this topic in one of the chapters of his book, Talking with Strangers. His findings, well backed by other research, were not what I was hoping to hear.  In fact, they’re making me question whether my super-power is real at all. Thankfully there’s an alternative. Let’s chat about it at the “gym” this weekend.  You can join us either live or on our YouTube LiveStream.

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