Speaker:  Vince Klassen

Okay, at some level, we are all sexual creatures. At least we all can be sexual creatures. More than that, evolution has a desire for us to be ACTIVE sexual creatures.

So do you know what is physically wired into your body that impacts your sexuality?
Do you know what is wired into your brain that is trying to turn you on?
Do you know the genetic impacts of evolution that seem to be trying to undermine good sex?

As always, this isn’t a “sex is bad” message. We will go way deeper than that and learn about what our sexuality might be trying to do, and maybe how to have better sex because of it (and when I say have better sex, I mean solo or any partnered sex).

We are on a journey, here folks, to explore our sexuality in a loving and open way. I hope you will come out to the Spiritual Gym and take the ride with us.

P.S. If you want to show someone you don’t go to a traditional church, invite them to this one.  Talk about church for people who don’t fit church:)

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