Speaker: Jeff Jarvis & Gerry Smylie

Years ago, I spent an evening with a group of friends sitting around telling the stories of the “Highs and Lows” of our lives. Up to that point in my life I hadn’t really reflected on those kinds of stories from my past – let alone had told anyone. But as we all took turns sharing, none of us were prepared for the impact of that experience. In fact it was so meaningful, that over 20 years later, the memory of that story-telling experience is still so clear that it could have happened yesterday!

Up until now, almost every former civilization has understood and utilized the power of personal story-telling – for entertainment, for teaching, for grieving, and especially for the spiritual journey.

Here’s a question: How big of a role has story-telling played in your journey? Or does it? This weekend we want to explore reasons why you might consider expanding whatever role it’s currently playing. Invite a friend and join us at the gym.

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