Speaker: Vince Klassen

As we each explore our unique spiritual journeys, one of the things we probably all want to know is:

  • How do we increase our connection to More – the divine, God, that ineffable connectedness between us all, etc.?
  • How do we get more of More?

This week we are going to explore the ancient ritual of Sabbath, but this time it’s not focused on rest or not working. This week we are going to explore another aspect of the Sabbath that explores how we are living our lives, dealing with the chaos all around us, the unfinished things that weigh us down. All of this negatively impacts our ability to connect to More.

But there are ways through the chaos of our lives, ways of managing the unfinished things, such that we can find that space where the More often is found. That’s what we want to do this week. Come join us either in person or online.

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  • Hal Lowther says:

    A strange passage in scripture no question. But I think it’s true sometimes God speaks to us in a small voice. I find if we ask him to guide us he will show us the way he wants us to go. It’s a great comfort. Interesting message.

    • Jeff J Jarvis says:

      Thanks for sharing, Hal. We’re glad that it provoked some thoughts within you. 🙂 Wishing you some potent moments of Teshuvah in 2022.

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