Speaker: Jeff Jarvis & Miranda Steinwand

Busy head, insomnia, stomach issues, high anxiety, unexpected weight gain or loss, numbness physically or emotionally, excessive/unexpected emotion, lack of energy, etc, etc. These have become common – almost normal symptoms, it seems, of living in our frenetic world. What has also become normal is the reaction to turn to anything that will simply make the symptoms go away.

But as we’ll explore this week, these symptoms are often telling a deeper story. They’re being generated by parts of our intelligence signalling that there’s a problem, that something needs attention. The question is, are we listening? Do we know how to pay attention to these warning signals that our bodies, our minds, and hearts may be sending? And maybe just as importantly, are we willing to explore what’s really going on?

This week, Jeff, and guest speaker Miranda Steinwand, will explore the art of “paying attention” to the wisdom and intelligence within.

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