Speaker: Jeff Jarvis

It’s a sordid history that the Christian Church has had with respect to sexuality. The sheer volume of messaging that has been propagated by Christian church leaders over 1000’s of years, in the name of helping or protecting people’s sexual lives, that instead created nightmares for so many. So much confusion, guilt, shame, and secrecy around such a large and important part of our lives. What’s sad is some toxic beliefs that were taught even hundreds of years ago, are still affecting many of us today and we don’t realize it. Are you aware of problematic sexual beliefs that have made their rounds within Christian circles? Could you spot their effects in your life or others? One of the steps to healthier sexuality is understanding historically where many of our problems began.

This Sunday, I’m going to pull back the sheets (see what I did there?) and look honestly at how we got to where we are today with regard to sex and Christianity. This won’t be x-rated – but it will be refreshingly honest. Invite a friend and join us.

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