Tijuana here we come!!!

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Today started early with the team meeting at the airport at 5 am. There was an excitement, mixed with nerves. New people, a new experience and for most a language they don’t speak.

It didn’t take long to shake that off as the team broke into their travel groups and successfully made their way through security and customs. Yup we were on a WINNING STREAK.

The flight was great, the road trip from LA to San Diego was another opportunity to get to know those on this shared journey. The team embraced the word of the day which was patience. Pockets of waiting were handled with ease.

A quick stop at McD’s and a brief check in at Amor and we breezed through the Mexican border and down to base camp, which we will call home for the next 5 day.

The team is in great spirits. The only hiccup is a missing bag and tool bin which we are confident we will be reunited with tomorrow.

As we sit around the camp fire new friendships are being forged. Not a single cell phone can be seen and people are present in this moment with the people they are with (what a gift).

1 by 1 the team is going to bed as our 6 am breakfast will come quickly.

I am personally looking forward to the noises throughout the night that only Tijuana can provide (howling dogs, rooster, motorcycles, and music from a near by factor)

Sweet dreams

You can also see posts during the day on Carmen Kokot’s instagram story


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