Touch Down in YYC

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Yesterday we flew back to our reality. We flew home to loved ones waiting with open arms, hugs, and ears ready to hear about our life-changing adventures —— we are all back safe & sound
One thing for sure is this past week was not a Vacation in any sense of the word.

Yes, this was a time away from our homes, families and everyday lives but laying on the beach with an umbrella drink…. it was not.

Emotions & Adrenalin have been running at an all-time high, Bodies are sore, bruised and tired leaving us with physical reminders & memories of our life-changing adventure

Today’s word is “Reflection”

And it will be just that…. for the next few weeks for some of us. The tears may come when we least expect them to well up inside, fall down our cheeks and leave us wondering where that came from. Let them.

We may want to keep busy with friends, work, and parties. Or we may act as if it’s no big deal, knowing inside, it’s far more than can ever be explained. We have been changed and will be forced to wrestle with what we have seen and experienced and decide how it will impact our life moving forward. One thing is forsure, we cannot unsee what we have seen and I personally never want to forget.

Trips like this are not always easy to talk about in detail because so much of it is “felt”

Our hearts are bursting with love as we all go back through the pictures just one more time.

Sleep well team xo Hugs to each of you and thank you for a great trip xoxoxo

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