Speaker: Jeff Jarvis

I love good deals! The thrill of spotting something valuable that the seller underestimated or being able to negotiate a “winning” price – these kinds of experiences have always warmed my heart. Lol.

About a year ago, I was sure I’d found one. It was a power tool. I couldn’t pay the guy quick enough. Such a steal! It wasn’t until I got home that I realized it was, in fact, too good to be true. The tool was almost useless. I was so angry! Is there anything more painful than finding out what you thought was going to be a great buy or a great experience was in fact a bit of a scam?

These kinds of experiences fall within the scope of our topic this week.

We’re beginning a new series that’s focused on a question “What kind of person am I becoming?” For four weeks we’re focusing on character qualities that lead to lives that matter. This Sunday I’m exploring the “trickster” mentality and the subtle yet toxic effect it can have on even the most well-intentioned lives.

Please note: Due to covid restrictions we are temporarily unable to have people join us in-person at our Temple B’nai Tikvah location.

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