Speakers: Vince Klassen

Rate how positive your feelings are on a day to day basis.

1 – you are pretty miserable,
10 – life couldn’t be better.
Where would you rate yourself?

We live in a world that has more food, more spare time, more luxury than ever before in history. It’s a pretty amazing time to be alive. And yet, our lives probably don’t feel like they are that much better than the people who came before us. In fact, our happiness scores are dropping while our quality of life increases. Why is that?

Jeff talked about redefining happiness a few weeks ago – a truly profound practice that deals with our view of our world. But beneath that practice is still pain and suffering. How do we free ourselves from our pain and suffering?

How do we experience lives of joy, fulfillment, love and contentment? Jesus had some amazing things to say about this part of our lives that goes beyond the trite. This is a great way to start the summer, looking at a practice of health that can bring joy without denying the pain all around us.

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