Speaker: Jeff Jarvis

The current economic situation has left many people in Alberta feeling pretty powerless…victims of larger political agendas and realities. It’s a pretty terrible feeling, isn’t it, to find yourself at the mercy of others who don’t seem to have your best interests in mind? It can leave us waiting, hoping, praying for someone bigger, stronger, more powerful, to come to our rescue.

This “victim” experience is one of the more common stories found within the pages of the bible. So many of our ancestors experienced the ugly realities of “Powerlessness”. Not surprisingly, there are also amazing stories of rescue and triumph over the dark forces that held them down.  One of the most prominent rescue stories is an Easter story. A story that has resonated with Christ-followers since the 2nd Century and captures the most amazing rescue operation of them all.

This weekend we’re going to explore this story and its implications. If you’ve found yourself frustrated lately and out of sorts because of situations that seem out of your control, get to the gym this Sunday.  We’ll have a great workout waiting and invite a friend, they’ll thank you.

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