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What Do You Do When Dishonesty is Directed at You?

By September 4, 2017 No Comments

After Sunday, someone (you know who you are) walked up and asked me a really important question!  A question that I honestly don’t have a great answer to it, though I’ve been reflecting on it for years.

“What do you do when dishonesty is directed at you?”

What do you do when someone is speaking about their beliefs, but they are talking about them all like they are facts, not beliefs.  So you are in that position of maybe disagreeing with their beliefs but since they are speaking like they are facts, you can’t really say anything.  Or maybe their language is just hitting you and you can’t get past how they are saying it, to get at what they are saying.  What do you do?  Do you just need to listen?  Is your silence some kind of unspoken agreement?  What do you do?

Since I didn’t have a good answer, I thought lets get the wisdom of all of us.  So put your comments below.  Put your comments on Facebook.   Or, if you want to stay private, email me your thoughts – vince at friendschurch dot ca

Can’t wait to hear about your responses to this!  Thanks everyone!

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