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What’s the plan

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With only 6 weeks until the trip, we are finalizing many of the details. We have a strong team of 33, made up of teens and adults. It is a great mixture of guys and girls as well as first timers and returning members.

With those numbers, it is our goal to build 3 single homes or 1 single and 1 double. You might be asking what is the difference between a single and double home? Great Question

A Single Home is 11′ x 22′ in size and is split into 2 equal sized rooms. It gets a door and 2 windows. This is typically for a smaller family.

A Double home is 22′ x 22′ and is split into 4 equal rooms each 11′ x 11′. This home gets 2 doors and 4 windows. Think double car garage

Both homes have a cement floor, walls built out of 2×4’s then sheeted with plywood. The exterior of the walls are then wrapped in a black tar paper and then covered with chicken wire and finally stucco. The roof is very similar but after the tar paper we put down a layer of asphalt shingles.

The homes are not equipped with water or electrical but this is something that some families will gain access to at some point. In general, water is run to the property but more often than not to an outdoor tap. As communities develop electricity is something that may be available.

The goal of our team and the organization we work with (Amor Ministries) is to provide basic shelter to as many families in need as possible. That is the primary reason for constructing a basic home rather than adding many things that we might perceive as necessities. Things like electricity, water, and drywall.

Each year we attempt to sponsor a home to be built by locals for each home that we build as a team. The materials for each home that we sponsor cost $4500. If you would like to participate financially in this amazing, life changing project you are only 1 click away


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