Speaker:   Vince Klassen

Adam and Eve are synonymous with that apple. The fruit that they eat that starts the whole thing going down the toilet. The first sin it’s often called. But is that the only definition of sin?

Throughout our spiritual tradition, the word sin has been thrown around a lot. It’s that thing that happens that makes God mad. It’s the thing that sends you to hell. It’s the thing that…

But what happens when we start to look at other thinkers in our tradition, who define sin differently.

This week we are going to explore the work of Peter Rollins who asks us not what we did do that is sin, he asks…

Is imperfection something that needs to be fixed?

Or is imperfection something that needs to be accepted?

Learning this new view of sin has blown my mind so I’m really excited to share with you this first new taste of the word sin. And if it does for you what it has done for me, this will be a powerful idea impacting how you live your life right now, in the midst of your imperfections.

See you this week in person or online

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