Why are you so afraid?

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Speaker: Jeff Jarvis

So first a personal confession… throughout our marriage, I have often been annoyed by Cathy’s sense of caution. From the need to always lock doors, or to drive the speed limit, even spending money. I’ve struggled to take seriously some of the fears she expressed around certain things. In fact, countless times I’ve tried to show her that some of her caution was unnecessary – that her fears were unfounded. Yeah, that hasn’t worked that well. Sadly, over 30 years, my dismissive attitude has caused times of deep disconnection between us, not to mention a lot of added stress and fear for Cathy. It’s something I have deep regret over.

What can you do when you struggle to understand or appreciate someone else’s fears or anxiety or stressors? This Sunday I could share a few things you shouldn’t do but instead I’m going to share some recent learning that I think is going to be a game-changer for Cathy and I and hopefully anyone else who has struggled in relationships around the emotion of fear.

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