Speaker: Jeff Jarvis

It’s likely happened to all of us…

We get focused on getting something done, perhaps we make plans or get our hopes set on things turning out a certain way. But then someone in our lives puts up resistance. Maybe they hint that they don’t really want to do what we want or to follow our plan. In these moments, it can be difficult not to feel irritated, angry, perhaps determined to change their mind.

What happens next can be instinctual, especially for some of us. We begin to assert pressure, attempting to convince that person to do it our way. In some situations, and depending on the person, we may even force them. How we do that will often vary. Some of us will get upset, express negative emotion, and even threaten them if they don’t fall in line. Some will put up a strong logical argument appealing to them intellectually. While others will protest through silence. Regardless of the tactics employed, the mission is compliance.

It can feel good when the resistance ends and we get things our way — at least in that moment. That is until that person stops responding to us the way he/she once did. Where there was once smiles and warm sentiment, coldness appears, less trust and willingness to engage, maybe even some resentment.

In these moments, we can be left wondering whether getting our own way was actually worth it.

This Sunday, we’re going to explore the strengths and weaknesses of those of us who are “I” people. Most importantly, we’ll offer an effective strategy that can avoid these kinds of outcomes and instead leads to beautiful “We” moments.

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