Speaker: Vince Klassen

How do you empathize with someone when you have never been in their shoes, never experienced what they experience?

For many of us who love people who struggle with mental illness, this is our problem.

How do we empathize when we’ve never felt the powerlessness of mental illness? How do we love?

This week, following our discussion last week on a way to conceptualize mental illness, I want to take you into the lives and the experiences of people who struggle with mental illness. I want you to hear their stories. I want you to see the power of mental illness in their lives, and I want you to see what happens when willpower fails. I want to show you this to give you an understanding of their lives, so that you can be more skillful in the lives of people you love.

It’s hard to support someone who is Wrestling a “Demon” (the word I used to describe the influence of mental illness in our lives) when you’ve never experienced it. This week you will.

Join us. Invite the people in your life who are trying to love the people in their lives with Mental Illness. This will help!

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